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Ashraf Ismael

Eng. Ashraf Ismael is the co-founder of ACR. Graduated in 1990 as an Engineer after continuing his studies in Cairo University, Eng. Ashraf has built a reputation for being one of the most dedicated engineers of his generation. Upon graduation, he quickly secured a position in one of the country’s most renowned design firms, Shehab Mazhar Architects in which he occupied the Head of Construction Department role from 1991-1997. Built to further his career and realize his potential, he moved on to establish his own entity until finding a precious acquaintance in Eng. Samy who together formed ACR.

Samy Gergis

Eng. Samy Gergis is the co-founder of ACR. Graduated in 1992 from Assiut University. Upon graduation, Samy occupied the Engineer Officer role in the Military from 1992-1995. He then worked in High Delco before finally working for one of the top construction companies in Egypt, Target. Samy was then ready and able to form his own company alongside Eng. Ashraf Ismael. Samy is now a well established and widely respected engineer in the industry.